Who holds the yoke walk world record?

yoke walk world record

At present, Laurence Shahlaei holds the super yoke walk world record. He is known as Mr. Mobility and the fastest moving strong man. He holds the world record for walking with 580kg (1,278.68 lbs). World’s Ultimate Strongman in Dubai at Bab al-Shams Arena, he achieved this title (Oct 2018). After the achievement, he told the press that he would continue to set and break records for at least a few more years.

What nationality is Laurence Shahlaei?

Laurence Shahlaei is the child of multi-national parents. His father was an Iranian and his mother is British. Besides being British, he also plays for the English. There was a time when he was playing for Iran.

How old is Shahlaei?

He was born on December 25, 1982, so he is currently 38 years old and good to go for another couple of years.

How tall is Shahlaei?

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall (188cm) and holds 353lbs approx. weight.

He won England’s Strongest Man, Britain’s Strongest Man, and Europe’s Strongest Man, and regularly competed at the World’s Strongest Man. In 2016, he was crowned Europe’s Strongest Man.

Laurence Shahlaei, Announces Return To Strongman Competition

Due to Achilles’s injury, Laurence Shahlaei was out of the picture for a while. but the good news is, he is coming back stronger in 2021. No one thought he will return from that injury and compete again. However, his announcement surprised everyone.

Who was the yoke walk world record holder before Laurence Shahlaei 

Before, Laurence Shahlaei, Baboumian was the Yoke walk world record holder. He also

 He held the previous world record when he walked with 550kg (1,210 pounds). At the Toronto vegetarian festival, he won the title of vegan strength (September 8, 2013). Then, no one thought anyone would break that record in the near future, including him.

But he comes out with a surprise in Germany. Where Patrik Baboumian surpassed his own record by completing the Yoke walk with 560 kg (1,230 pounds). He walked 10 meters when carrying the weight. 

Baboumian said on his YouTube channel:

We’re back with Vegan Badass. The yoke-walk was my first competition in more than two years, and I proved that 4 years after going vegan, I’m still capable of improving on a world-class level and I’m back for more. It has taken me exactly two years since my Yoke-Walk Guinness world record of 555 kg to establish a new record of 625 kg yesterday during my comeback to strongman sports with 5kg more weight and in a much quicker time of 28sec. This was the fourth world record break since my switch to a vegan diet.

Anyone who still believes that with a cruelty-free diet, they will not be able to perform as well as other athletes, regardless of the sport, can now open their eyes and start looking at reality. After going vegan four years ago, I’m athletically back to my full strength, and this won’t be the last time you hear from me. POWERFUL VEGANS FOR LIFE!

He moved to a vegan diet in 2011 after becoming a vegetarian in 2005. In November 2011, he became the new face of a PETA campaign advocating veganism. 

Importance of vegan lifestyle

Only 1% of the world’s population lives an entirely vegan lifestyle. In order to make sure the world doesn’t lose out on the benefits of a plant-based diet, the Vegan Yoke Walk was founded to spread the vegan lifestyle and to raise awareness of the benefits.

The goal of the YOKE walk events is to raise awareness of the benefits of veganism, and in turn, to raise funds for animal rights charities. Yoke means “to walk with a yoke or harness” and ‘yoke walk’ is a term used to describe the act of walking with a harness attached to the back of the neck.

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